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03:47pm 06/12/2005
  Well - I'm alive.
Last Monday I auditioned for All-State Honor Choir. I got 2nd alternate for the SATB choir for first soprano, which for a sophmore is pretty good. I have the sheet music, and I get to go to second tier auditions and actually have a really good chance of getting a chair. They only pick 6 1st sops and 3 alternates for the choir, out of around 200 1st trying out. So... that's not bad for being the youngest person there by far (it's 10th, 11th, and 12th graders and out here 10th grade you're generally 16, I just turned 15 a month ago), right?
I recently got cast as Mark Antony in Julius Caesar (it was very blind casting - regardless of age, gender, race... obviously, a fifteen-year-old girl as Mark Antony... not exactly what the part calls for) and I got a part in a One-Act play for school. One of the harder parts to get, since it was a two-person one act. See, at our schooll, the Play Production class holds auditions and they have a certaint amount of 'points' to spend on whatever actor they want. So if a play has 5 people and you have 50 points, if you really wanted an actor that was in high demand, you might spend 15 points on him and 5 points on someone else that no one really wants. Therefore, someone must have really wanted me to get into a 2 person one-act.
I actually might be going to a preforming arts school after the winter break... I don't know yet, though, but I'll keep you posted - I really want to go, it'll be so good for me to get the better arts training.
Oooh, by the way, I'm actually going to get voice lessons for Christmas this year. They start two weeks from now, and I'm sooo happy.
Well, I need to go get ready - choir concert tonight, and I have a duet - Laudamus Te from Vivaldi's Gloria. Another choir concert on Saturday where I have a solo in a piece (Once In Royal David's City).
I'll talk to you all later!
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05:15pm 05/12/2005
mood: puzzled
If I do apply for Juilliard, I might also be interested in their vocal arts program.

I'm looking on the site now at their course listing for the vocal arts student-- If I'm accepted as one are they going to make an opera singer out of me? I'm a total belter, I don't mind learning a couple of techniques used in opera, and learning about Italian and Russian literature seems interesting but will I become some sort of Christine Daae (not that there's anything wrong with that, just I love to belt my head off)?

If I'm annoying with stupid questions like this, blame it on my blonde hair.

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04:08pm 05/12/2005
  Well, my conducter moved me to mezzosoprano today in adv. womens' choir, whereas I HAD been the primary soprano (that is to say, the farthest singer on stage left...essentially, 'first chair.') I personally thought that this decision was rather ridiculous, as I can hit the high coloratura notes that the other sopranos (most of which would be better-dubbed 2nds or altos) more confidently, easily, and clearly. Only one other girl and I had been the two who "carried" the 'first' soprano section, and I got moved to 'second' and her to alto. I had originally been extremely upset, but stayed behind class to talk to the conducter.

(NOTE: I was not upset because mezzo is worst than soprano. Idina Menzel is a mezzo. Rosario Dawson is a mezzo who leans toward alto. Two of my idols. Obviously, many mezzos are better than sopranos)

My main concern when I spoke to her was that the soprano section was ridiculously staticy on the 'high' C6 and similar notes. They could not support themselves at all, whatsoever. Also, mezzo is smack in the middle of my passagio range--I can sing alto notes, soprano notes, and coloratura notes, but the area between C5 and E5 is where I make the transition between chest/head voices and it is highly uncomfortable for me to sing in that area. But as Ahlstrohm pointed out, that means that I need to work MOST in this range. I have a clean transition between registers, but admittedly it is a bit anxiety-inducing for me to sing in that area for extended periods of time. According to her, and with which I am now in perfect concordance, I NEED to be a mezzo right now in order to strengthen the middle register. Obviously I will continue singing higher pieces in voice lessons with E. Grayson, but at least in chorus I can focus more on lengthening and strengthening the vocal chords.

She also pointed out that the other reason she switched me and the other girl was because the soprano section CAN'T carry themselves, especially on the higher songs and she moved us out in an attempt to force them to improve themselves.

Well, my pride is intact after all. I had thought that she was moving me because she thought I could not handle the first soprano section...but perhaps not, after all.

I sang with the Durham Symphony last night! Went rather well...people I didn't even know sought me--me specifically, of all people!--out afterward to say how well I personally had done. I was flattered beyond all belief. It was amazing how we and the mixed chorus (chorale) pulled together in the end...I had been worried that we wouldn't blend enough, and it was pretty damn good. On some of our own songs, though, we do need to work on blending, facial expression, etc. I was the only one moving to the music on 'Go where I send thee'--a gospel song that the conducter had specifically asked us to move with. All in all...a 'smashing success.'

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10:38am 05/12/2005
  Maybe this seems odd to you guys, but...I feel like we as members of this community are a family. That probably does sound weird, but the thing is that I want all of you guys to get IN so much. More than anything. I want to get in too, of course, but if I do I want to see all of you guys on the front steps of the building just below the stainless steel letters wearing your Juilliard sweats and tees and hats, laden with scripts and scores and sheet music and instrument cases and dance bags....

I want this so much.

05:37pm 04/12/2005
  Name: Michelle
Age: 17
Grade: 12
Prospective Major: Music
Graduating Year: 2006
Location: USA
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: I don't really eat jellybeans

Quick question, does anybody know when prescreening results are posted/sent out?
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03:10pm 04/12/2005
mood: lethargic
Name: Liz
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore
Prospective Major: Drama
Graduating Year: 2008
Location: Crawfordsville, IN
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: I'm partial Jelly Belly's "Very Cherry" flavor. Mmm...

I've noticed many Seniors applying to Juilliard have attended performing arts high schools. This might seem a little ignorant, but do you have to attend a school of the arts to apply to Juilliard? I go to a normal public school in a little hick town (there are no art schools for miles), but I do take acting/singing lessons. If and when I apply to the Juilliard School, will this be a disadvantage for me?
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06:09pm 27/11/2005
mood: cheerful
Age: 17
Prospective Major: dance
Graduating Year: spring, 2006
Location:Marshfield, WI (w00t, go WI!!)
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: cherry!

Hey guys

Thought I'd join, because 1. I'm a Juilliard hopeful (though not for another year or two) and 2. I've seen the mod around a lot and I like her so I thought that I'd support her comm efforts. :)

In any case, I would eventually like to enter Juilliard, as a dance major, but not straight out of high school. I feel right now not that I don't have the talent or the drive, but that I don't have the training. So, to remedy this, I'll be graduating early from high school (Jan. of 2006) to go to the Twin Cities to get some *hardcore dance training under my belt from the lovely Majorie Thompson at Minnesota Dance Theatre, and also some classes at the U of M. Ultimately, I'd like to join a modern dance company, like Paul Taylor or Mark Morris or Martha Graham or Alvin Ailey...Hubbard Street or River North Chicago...*trails off*...I also have had a childhood dream of dancing with Milwaukee Ballet, so if I'm ever presented an opportunity to work with them (summer program, etc.) I would definately jump on it!

Any other dance major hopefuls out there?

Nice to meet you all!


*(by "hardcore" I mean from a large/well-known school w/ a serious company attatched. I have been dancing for six years, but only at small schools. Not to say that they were not excellent schools, but I'm looking for something bigger, and with more opportunities.)
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12:14am 24/11/2005
  I'm kind of anxious about the fact that you can only audition 2 times for the music department.

I am also interested in composition, so that means I'd have to either only audition once for that and voice and give up transfer/grad study or choose one or the other.

I'm also not sure if I should do early decision...there is a smaller applicant pool so I have a better chance of getting accepted, but I also wont have had as much time to improve (if I do THAT, the auditions are THIS March.) Plus, if I failed ED, then I would only have one more chance left and wouldnt be able to decide between regular undergrad, transfer, and graduate.

What do you guys think?


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Greetings from the Austin Actor! 
03:11pm 23/11/2005
  Hey fellow Juilliard die-hards!

Name: Brandon T. Harris
Age: 17 
Grade: 12th
Prospective Major: Acting
Graduating Year: 2006
Location: Austin Tx
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: Gotta love the Green Apple

I am one who am not only concerned with getting into Juilliard, but with how to PAY for Juilliard if I get in. I'm one of four children to a single mom, and I go to a public high school. But I'm hoping my talent and experience will give me a good chance for a scholarship of some kind!

My Resume, If You Are InterestedCollapse )

</span></b>Au Revior Friends
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10:35pm 20/11/2005
  I've realized that I'm never going to get into Juilliard. I'm not talented enough, and there's no point in giving myself false hope and then having my dreams crushed right in front of me.

I'm going to go jump off a bridge now.
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Newbie :-) 
12:16pm 15/11/2005
mood: nervous
Ok so I'm not actually applying for Juilliard but I am on the shortlist (of about 50 nationwide) for one of 25 spots in the NIDA acting school in Australia. Verity invited me to join this community :-)

Name: berry
Age: 25
Prospective Major: Acting
Graduating Year: Does this mean the year i'd graduate the course if I get accepted? That would be 2008. I graduated high school in 1997 :-) Acting schools here rarley take people straight from high school.
Location: Perth, Australia but will have to move to Sydney if I get in (the other side of the country)
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: Um.. red ones (what flavour is that?)

I'm also auditoning for two other major acting schools (there're 3 big ones in Aust); one tomorrow and one on Saturday. I am still learning my monologues.. eep! But if I get accpeted into NIDA I'd of course go there (it's where Cate Blanchett, Mel Gibson, Frances O'Connor and just about every other famous australian actor studied).
WIll keep you all posted on how I'm going!
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06:37pm 11/11/2005
  okay so details of my tour:
it was amazing! the first thought upon stepping into the building was oh my god, i can't believe im sitting in the lobby of JUILLIARD! the tour guide was a fourth year bassonist, he was really nice, his name was evan. we got to see all six of the theatre's and a couple of the practice studios, everyone was really terif. like there was a whole different vibe about the place and didnt seem so scary, what did seem scary however is that being there, i relized that out of the 8 or so of us on the tour (it was a small tour that day and im not including the parents of course)only one of us will get in. maybe not even. (im saying 1 of course because i want that person to be me, what can i say?(:D) afterwards i stayed and talked to abby, who works up in the drama office, and i was lucky because you usually have to schedule one of these interviews, and i got alot of info on admissions and so on, and she told me, for any of you drama hopefuls, that yearly, about 1700 people audition on a given new york audition, 30 get called back, and 18-20 get admitted, at least that was 2005-2006's data. scary stuff. all i can say is that i hope it will be me!!!! i hope to go back and see the dorm rooms, and stay in on a class, i hope to do this in december, i havent asked my dad yet, but i will. i promise!
so anyway, if you can, schedule a visit! its surreal! it makes the school more appealing then the website does, because the website to me, made it seem so... unattainable, and being in the building it seemed a little more in reach. comment any specific questions, ill be more than happy to give more specific answers or what have you. so thats it.
i love you.
(it seemed like the proper ending... maybe i spend to much time on myspace, i dunno :D)
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11:42am 11/11/2005
  i visited juilliard on tuesday, and it was amazing. it felt so good to just be in that builiding breathing the same air that sarah remirez and robbin williams and countless others have. if i get in, that is were i HAVE to be.  
10:41pm 08/11/2005
  I haven't been around lately, I know...but I have an excuse!

I have bronchitis. Bad. :( That means no singing, no dance classes, nothing. I'm barely able to breathe. I havent been to ballet in 2 weeks because I've been having fainting episodes and singing is of course out of the question.

Sigh. Doesn't life suck sometimes?

On top of that, I'm doing my NaNoWriMo, which is occupying about 99% of my time and energy.

I only have 11,558 words...and it's Day 8!!!!!

08:06pm 06/11/2005
mood: accomplished
Im visiting Juilliard this Tuesday! is anyone else going? maybe we can meet eachother and bask in the joy of being at the greatest institution in the world together!
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03:51pm 01/11/2005
  Just so ya know...you don't have to post here explicitly about Juilliard. If you'd like to post about your art-related issues, feel free. In fact, you can tell us if youre just having a bad day.

We dont need this to be an overly-disciplined, "on-topic constantly" community. We are already bound together by a common dream--and we can be more than just community-buddies. We can be friends.

01:17pm 30/10/2005
  I went to that honor choir thing, and I realized that I really need voice lessons. There's nobody here that can give me lessons, though. I live in nowhereville, Georgia. My choir teacher can't even... you know, seeing how she can't even sing herself, and she just won't do it even if I ask her.

There's no way I'm getting into Juilliard at this rate.
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11:36am 27/10/2005
  I FINALLY called Juilliard...after a lot of beating around the bush. Surprisingly--the guy was human! I don't know what I was expecting: perhaps some overworked, pretentious, self-righteous twit who is too big for his tighty whiteys? I think the turning point was when his pen ran out of ink...it is just such a normal thing to happen.

I asked him about dual-auditioning, and whether it was "generally frowned upon." He replied with an astonished "Oh no, not at all. It's quite welcome." In collegespeak, that means "do it do it do it, it will improve your chances." At least, that's what I've noticed. Example-- when they say there is an "optional" essay, they mean that its optional if you
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08:24pm 23/10/2005
  For some reason...I have a terrible feeling that I'm going to miserably fail the audition. Worse...I may not even pass the pre-screening! I'm not auditioning for another year at least, but the waiting in itself is mind-shattering. But I guess the practice is worth it...we need as much non professional practice as we can get, right?

I might as well share my own fantasy....

I'd kind of like to have a musician as a roommate...a flautist, perhaps? I'd practically live in the practice rooms, I know that much (I mean, they even have them in the residence hall!) I wish I had a soundproofed practice room and a rehearsal studio in my house. Unfortunately...that's not going to happen.

I cant write any more about this right now....

Sometimes its actually depressing to fantasize about Juilliard, because I know I'm just setting myself up for a big disappointment when I don't get in.

[EDIT] I'm supposed to call Juilliard and NCSA today--Juilliard about meeting a representative and NCSA about getting a tour on Friday. I'm actually nervous; wouldn't expect that, would you? But I guess its just the thought of phrasing something wrong or somehow putting a bad mark on my name before I ever even audition.

Speaking of auditions...do you think I should apply Early Decision or wait until the regular time? Pros of Early Decision are that they will know I'm serious, I get to know my status sooner, and I get the experience as practice. Disadvantages are that you only get to audition three times and I dont want to use up all my chances too soon; I might want to apply for graduate or transfer later on, too. Plus, any nonprofessional practice and improvement I can get before my audition is paramount. And here's the biggie--a failure at an earlier audition may cast a shadow over my later attempts.

Second question--do you think it's a GOOD thing that I'm auditioning for two departments? Will they be more likely to accept me because I'm a "double-threat" and multi-talented, or will they dislike me because they think I'm not serious enough about one specific thing?

Help me, guys!

I dug up another Juilliard wannabe at school today--drama division, and she's going to be joining this community! So that makes three of us in my city; we should start some sort of club! :) LOL, I'm just kidding.

Wow, I'm such an internet addict.

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07:43pm 22/10/2005
  I am picking up the 26 Italian Aria book for coloraturas tomorrow..if Pearson's is open (which actually...I dont think it is.) Unless..I dont know if they have the coloratura one. When I called they mentioned that they had the "medium-high" book, but mezzo is RIGHT smack in the middle of my passagio range. Grr.

I read something pretty terrible about how chest voice is created recently..something about the air ripping your glottis to create the sound, and that is why overusing your chest voice can tear your vocal chords. Rest assured...I am now extremely grateful for my uber-soprano status.

Rewatched Save the Last Dance today..god, that movie always makes me want to cry and scream in joy at the same time. Also checked out Carmen (the opera) and Don Giovanni (the Petipa version, not Balanchine.) Fweeness.

I'm actually practicing an aria from Carmen at the moment...it's not all that high, but it's fun to play around with. Besides, Carmen arias are one hell of a lot easier to sing than something from, say, La Boheme. The Lucia/Mimi arias kill me...even though technically they shouldnt be all that hard. I dont know why I have such trouble with them.

Has anyone here seen Save the Last Dance? Its about a dancer auditioning for Juilliard. I know there arent really all that many dancers in this community, but I thought it might be interesting nonetheless. I heard something about a documentary on students at Juilliard, too, but I cant find it. :( Does anyone know what I'm talking about? And...are there any books or movies anyone knows of about Juilliard?

Though I did hear that Robin Williams attended...now I cant watch any of his movies anymore without gaping. Even though I'm not into drama...the envy!

Why does it seem like I'm the only person posting on this community about anything other than introductions or in comments? Come on, people! I know you're at least a LITTLE nervous! That's what this community is for--share your thoughts, hopes, fantasies, fears!

In fact, in addition to the book/movie topic, here is another discussion to get things going.

Imagine yourself at Juilliard--either the school, or at the audition. Dont be embarassed..we all have these fantasies and there is nothing wrong with wishing, right? Share 'em with us!

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