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Seeking actors for independent film

Hello Juilliard Hopefuls,

I thought some of you might be interested in this opportunity.

We are a low budget independent feature film currently casting lead, supporting, and background parts. The film is about high school students who get involved in recreational steroid use. We are interested in working with young adults who can bring their own personalities and natural energy to the part, so formal training or experience are not necessary.

Below you may find a description of the project, and the roles we are casting. There are also a number of small speaking parts, so any interested parties who don't fit one of the lead character descriptions are encouraged to email us anyhow. The lead and supporting actors will be paid (rate to be determined). We are directing people to send their submissions to juicecasting@gmail.com.

Please note, this film will be shooting in the NY Metropolitan area in Summer 2009, so we are looking for people who can work as locals (so either residents of NY/NJ or people who will not need to be housed during the shoot).


Seeking actors for low budget indy feature film “Juice”

Description of Project: We are a low budget Indy feature about
suburban high school kids abusing steroids, not for sports enhancement
but due to the social pressure of getting jacked up and fighting.

Break Down of Characters

Jack: 18 years old high school student. Typical kid that goes with the
flow. Questions what he knows he shouldn’t do, but gives in a lot to
the pressure of his peers. Must be in shape

Alex: 17 years old. Jack’s Girlfriend. Has a relaxed personality that
matches Jack’s, but is able to think for herself. Attractive
appearance and intelligent.

Scott: 18 years old. Has a sarcastic sense of humor, but overall is a
good friend. Hangs with the boys, but serves more as the voice of
reason a lot of the time. Not in the best shape physically, more like
a huggable teddy bear.

Bobby: 18 years old. Epitome of the word blunt. Radiates the sex
crazed high school kid completely controlled by his hormones. He is
loyal to friends but more because he is a follower. Looking for
someone that is a little heavier but not in bad shape.

Benny K: 18 years old. Is the guy that everyone is friends with. Has
all the hook ups and swears no allegiances to anyone. Must be in good

Degrago: 18 years old. Muscle bound meat head, that only cares about
drinking, hooking up,fighting, and working out. Must be in tremendous

McBain: 18 years old. The right hand man to Degrago. Completely out of
his mind and ready to jump into anything that Degrago gets him
involved in. Must be in great shape

Justin: Good friend of Alex. Quiet but good looking. Finds himself
constantly on the bad side of Jack because of his friendship with Alex.

Nakeem: Mini mart worker in mid 40s. Able to relate to kids on their own terms

Restaurant Owner: Mid 30s. Unwilling to deal with crap from teenagers.

Project Type: Independent Feature Film
Project Name: Juice
Director: Ben Teplitzky
Salary: SAG Ultra Low
Project Shoot Date: Summer 2009 (exact dates TBA)
Location: New York, NY

We request that those interested email juicecasting@gmail.com with the following information:
1) A brief description of their acting experience or reason for interest in the project
2) The part they are interested in
3) A recent picture
4) Their availability during July and August of 2009
5) Please also note if you would be interested in being an extra for the film. There are multiple small speaking roles that will be assigned to extras. (Extras will not be paid but will receive credit and copy of film).
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