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Seeking actors for independent film 
02:48pm 26/03/2009
  Hello Juilliard Hopefuls,

I thought some of you might be interested in this opportunity.

We are a low budget independent feature film currently casting lead, supporting, and background parts. The film is about high school students who get involved in recreational steroid use. We are interested in working with young adults who can bring their own personalities and natural energy to the part, so formal training or experience are not necessary.

Below you may find a description of the project, and the roles we are casting. There are also a number of small speaking parts, so any interested parties who don't fit one of the lead character descriptions are encouraged to email us anyhow. The lead and supporting actors will be paid (rate to be determined). We are directing people to send their submissions to juicecasting@gmail.com.

Please note, this film will be shooting in the NY Metropolitan area in Summer 2009, so we are looking for people who can work as locals (so either residents of NY/NJ or people who will not need to be housed during the shoot).


Seeking actors for low budget indy feature film “Juice”

Description of Project: We are a low budget Indy feature about
suburban high school kids abusing steroids, not for sports enhancement
but due to the social pressure of getting jacked up and fighting.

Break Down of Characters

Jack: 18 years old high school student. Typical kid that goes with the
flow. Questions what he knows he shouldn’t do, but gives in a lot to
the pressure of his peers. Must be in shape

Alex: 17 years old. Jack’s Girlfriend. Has a relaxed personality that
matches Jack’s, but is able to think for herself. Attractive
appearance and intelligent.

Scott: 18 years old. Has a sarcastic sense of humor, but overall is a
good friend. Hangs with the boys, but serves more as the voice of
reason a lot of the time. Not in the best shape physically, more like
a huggable teddy bear.

Bobby: 18 years old. Epitome of the word blunt. Radiates the sex
crazed high school kid completely controlled by his hormones. He is
loyal to friends but more because he is a follower. Looking for
someone that is a little heavier but not in bad shape.

Benny K: 18 years old. Is the guy that everyone is friends with. Has
all the hook ups and swears no allegiances to anyone. Must be in good

Degrago: 18 years old. Muscle bound meat head, that only cares about
drinking, hooking up,fighting, and working out. Must be in tremendous

McBain: 18 years old. The right hand man to Degrago. Completely out of
his mind and ready to jump into anything that Degrago gets him
involved in. Must be in great shape

Justin: Good friend of Alex. Quiet but good looking. Finds himself
constantly on the bad side of Jack because of his friendship with Alex.

Nakeem: Mini mart worker in mid 40s. Able to relate to kids on their own terms

Restaurant Owner: Mid 30s. Unwilling to deal with crap from teenagers.

Project Type: Independent Feature Film
Project Name: Juice
Director: Ben Teplitzky
Salary: SAG Ultra Low
Project Shoot Date: Summer 2009 (exact dates TBA)
Location: New York, NY

We request that those interested email juicecasting@gmail.com with the following information:
1) A brief description of their acting experience or reason for interest in the project
2) The part they are interested in
3) A recent picture
4) Their availability during July and August of 2009
5) Please also note if you would be interested in being an extra for the film. There are multiple small speaking roles that will be assigned to extras. (Extras will not be paid but will receive credit and copy of film).
hm. i guess my name is isaac. 
09:47pm 19/01/2009
Name: Isaac
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Prospective Major: Acting
Graduating Year: 2009
Location: El Paso, Texas
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: I hate jellybeans lol

hm soo.... as it says my name is isaac and yes: im a juilliard hopeful. in exactly two weeks and two days i will be auditioning and my goodness im scared shitless. (im not gonna lie). but i guess ima give it all ive got and, well, we'll see what happens.

i'll keep you posted.
What Happened to Me 
11:56pm 03/10/2006
  Hey Guys,

Haven't posted in forever on here. Just wanted to say that I didn't get into Juilliard, but I DID get into North Carolina School of the Arts, and I'm absolutely LOVING it here. NCSA, Juilliard, and Carnagie Mellon are considered the three best acting conservatories in the united states, and it really is true.

So if you're looking at auditioning for Juilliard, for acting, definitly look into North Carolina School of the Arts as well! The program here is definitely up there! It's fucking incredible, seriously!
Lila Acheson Wallace Playwrighting 
07:58pm 23/09/2006
  Name: Rebecca.
Age: 24
Grade: Um, if we count from kindergarten--I guess that'd be 18th, now. Past the B.A.
Prospective Major: Artist's Diploma in Playwriting.
Graduating Year: IF I make the 2008 class, I guess 2010.
Location: San Francisco, California.
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: Pina Colada.

Being as I'm interested in neither drama, nor dance, nor instrumentation, I wanted to know if I was in the right place to ask questions, etc.?
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08:23pm 24/07/2006
  Hey guys!

I know, I know, it's been a while. And I'm sorry. For a bit I reconsidered my decision to audition for Juilliard in favour of pursuing something a little more...likely? But I've decided not to give up my dreams. I'm still going to apply to my four in-state colleges like my mom said I had to. But I'm going to apply in secret to Juilliard as well. I say in secret because my parents would not approve. They refuse to pay more than four application fees, so I'll have to do it myself. Besides, they would be more likely to let me attend the actual audition if I could suddenly one day say "Oh, by the way, I sent in my pre-screen tape to Juilliard, and you know what? My audition invitation arrived today."

Anyhow, what about you guys? No one has updated as to their status...so...for you graduates, who got in, who got wait-listed, who is going somewhere else?
09:54pm 28/02/2006
i'm auditioning on cello at juilliard and was wondering how long the audition actually lasts?

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11:02pm 26/02/2006
mood: accomplished
today was my WAGNER COLLEGE audition. (details in my livejournal =D)
its my top choice school, at times, even moreso than juilliard. im so fucking in love. i think i have a pretty good shot.
i dunno what the future holds for juilliard. i may try again in 2 or 4 years, but i feel so accomplished already i dont know if i want to.
it wasent the be all end all, so i just hope that i get into WAGNER.
Ways to ease nerves 
06:56pm 17/02/2006
  Prospective Drama Student Here.

I'm singing the national anthem at State Finals for High School Wrestling. This is pretty much every hs wrestling team from Indiana. About 12,000 people will be watching.

Wow. I am teh nervous.

Any of you guys have ways to ease your nerves before singing in public? Or at auditions?
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01:53pm 10/02/2006
  I figured out something new about my voice teacher--she got in to Juilliard's grad program but didn't go in favor of a job on Broadway as the lead in Camelot. Best bit? She says my voice reminds her of her voice when she was my age, and she says J. isn't out of the question. Oh, and my friend Gabe (a drama prospective for said school) met a man who is a former chairman of the music division at Juilliard, and this guy wants to meet me! Maybe I can get him to write me a reccomendation. ^^

Well, I really have to go now, so later.

<3 Verity
07:57am 10/02/2006
  Hey, everyone! Michelle (armeaffe) has her audition on Sunday (the twelfth.) So let's all wish her luck and send her zillions of huggles and kisslies. 'Kay?

<3 Verity
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07:34pm 29/01/2006
mood: optimistic
ok, so yesterday was my juilliard audition!
heres how it went:
i take a train into the city with my daddy, and im a little nervous. im reading over my antigone and going over my stuff to keep my mind occupied, but everytime i would think about what im doing i get butterflies in my stomach *gulp*
we get to grand central at 9:12, get baked goods and so forth, and then we hoped a taxi to juilliard. the taxi driver couldnt find it so we got out and walked to the front of lincoln center (he put us in the back) we check in at 929, and take the elevator up to the third floor DUN DUN DUN! where i check in once again. now heres how the audition process officially works for drama:

first there are 2 rooms, one, 302 is labeled with a pink sign labeled A-J, 303 K-Z your put into the room, and there are drama students there to tell you what your audition time will be and ask you if you have any questions (they asked that about 100 times in 4 minutes, it was really nice!) then at about 935, they start the group warm up. both rooms were put into an even larger room, and we were introduced to Micheal, the head of the drama program, he was very nice and he told us how the audition process would go. first you would have your interview, then you would do what you brought. if your so nbervous you cant breathe you can request that you do the monologues first, then your audition. then we went into the group warm up where we had to walk around the room and feel the ground beneath ourr feet, feel our presence in the room, that kinda thing, then he added "the room just got thincker, your in a thick substance, how do you move around in it?" then we had to freeze, and we had to act as there was a large object that needed to be moved and we had to move it with every part of our body in any way possible, then we had to freeze in any position we were in, and pretend we were an animal, and make the sounds the animal would make, that kinda thing and that i really liked because i got to interact with other people in the room, i really enjoyed it. then we had to act as if there was body of water, the perfect temp, and enter that water, in any way that we wanted to. once lying in the water, we had to be any charactor of our monologues, and act as they would, touch what they would. then we shook all that energy out and were told to go back to our rooms and good luck. i got my audition time after that, and i found out i wasent going untill 12 noon, so i had time to kill. it was really awesome that i wasent going so soon! we were all talking to one another and just chilaxin. i met one kid from south africa! he came down just to audition, and then someone else from okanowa, japan, she was the sweetest person ever, i really liked her.
so skipping ahead, 140 wheeled around, and i was put "on deck" so to speak, as in put right outside the audition room with nicole and joshua, and we were just talking, we were getting pretty jittery with what lied ahead. so my turn finally cam around, oh and by the way, there are 3 or so audition rooms, one downstairs, and 2 upstairs, i was in room #2. so anyway, i was next and josh went in, i was getting pretty nervous, and i was up!
i went in there, i spoke to my panal, and i did my 2 monologues the best i ever had, i was so happy.
i walked out, and i said "I just auditioned for juilliard!!"
i couldnt believe it, i was ecstatic! JUILLIARD!
ow we had 30-45 mins before the call back list went up. so we were just having fun and laughing in our rooms and it was really fun, id give anything to do it again!
so 1230 rolled around and they told us the list wouldnt be up untill 1245 so we had more time to wait...... but eventually it was 1245, and the list went up, and it was like someone had died. the atmosphere totally changed. and there, out of 150 or so people, were only 3 on the list. 3.

well, i wasent on the list.
but that was ok. i went in, got my coat, and said by to the amazing drama students i had met. in the elevator we were talking about it and we were saying yeah, that girl, amelia is so lucky! "guys, she's right here!" i hugged her, i was really happy for her. in the end, only 2 girls, 1 guy got called back, way to go to them!
i really wasent bummed at all.
so i walked out called my dad, who had taken a subway train to broklyn, and told him that im walking down broadway see ya! i first hit licoln center theatre where The Light in the Piazza was playing, and it was then i relized, omg. this is it. im going to make it. im going to be an actress and be on broadway. i couldnt believe it, but i just KNEW. i just knew. so i decided that scince i would be walking on broadway for the next hour or so, that id check in my coat scince the weather wasent to bad. but i had something i had to do first, i went back upstairs, and was surprised because the afternoon auditions had already started to roll, so i couldnt go into the room that i was in. but what i did do was i went back to the check in point and i turned to the director of the drama program, the office leader, and the 2 people checking people in and i just said, "you know, i just want to say that i just auditioned, and i didnt get called back, but i had the most amazing experiance in my life, and i feel so good right now that i could fly, and i walked down to the broadway theatre here, and i said to myself, wow, this is it. im going to be on broadway one day." and they clapped for me! i hugged the director and said goodbye. and as i was entering the elevator, a nervous looking girl was coming out, and i said, are you auditioning, she said yes, i told her that i just did, she asked me how it went, and i said "i didntmake it but it was amazing, good luck!" and i can hear them outside laughing.

so then, i had a fun filled day of broadway, i went into just about everytheatre i passed, minus the wintergreen where Mama Mia! was playing b/c i didnt want to, and Hairspray's theatre because the line was a mile long, and i just collected playbills, and guess what! i got to see a little bit of RENT my FAVORITE SHOW! because when the usher went in to get me a playbill, La Vie Boheme was playing, and he held the door open and i got to see 12 seconds of the perfomance, it was the greatest 12 ever! but i guess, you can technicly say that my "first broadway show" was the producers, because when that usher went in to get me a program, he held the door open and i got to see 4 seconds of that! wow! what a day i had! and on the street kiosks i bought 2 framed pictures, one of the broadway sign, and one of broadway at night. i now have an official "Wall O' Broadway with playbills, and my framed photo's. i could die im so happy.

so here's the conclusion, and for some, earth shattering information:
i didnt get called back, but i feel like i conquered a mountian. i feel like i did get into Juilliard after all. however, for those of you that didnt know:
most of the people who get into juilliards programs, do not get in on there first try, (actual words from someone on the board, they told me on my open house visit, i just never thought about it*) the largest majority get in on there 2nd or 3rd try. so there you go. i might try again next year, i dunno, but if i do or if i dont, i couldnt feel better than i do right now. =} good luck to those of you who are auditioning within the next couple of weeks, i wish you all the best of luck, but i mostly wish upon you this: that you can feel the way i do right now, after your audition day, wheather it be because you got a callback or not.
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12:40pm 18/01/2006
mood: happy
Name: bethany taylor.
Age: 19.
Grade: freshman in college.
Prospective Major: drama.
Graduating Year: 2010, because i believe i have to start over as a freshman.
Location: woburn, massachusetts.
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: sour apple!!!!!

hey everyone! i just wanted to introduce myself. my audition for juilliard is on the 28th (10 days!) so i am quite excited. i'm not nervous at all, i'm just hoping to have a lot of fun and present myself the best way i can. i have three monologues prepared. one is from a play that i hold very close to my heart called SubUrbia. i can not wait, i love auditions!

anyone else auditioning on the 28th?
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11:04pm 17/01/2006
mood: T E R R I F I E D !
i cant do this. i cant...
as of tomorrow, my audition is in 10 days. 10 fucking days!
i cant do this
im so fucking scared im freaking the hell out, my contemporaries are great but my classicals.... WHAT CLASSICALS!?
i cant do this
i cant.
my acting coach's dad just died, and i feel so selfish and celf centered, but im PETRIFIED. im not ready, i havent been able to work with her scince before xmas, and she has yet to even SEE my shakespears, and i have no faith in what ive picked out. im so stressed.im not ready, and i cant handle all this.

i just had to rant.
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08:50pm 07/01/2006
mood: nervous
Name: Kati
Age: 14- 15 in late February.
Grade: 9th. (Freshman in high school)
Prospective Major: Bachelor of Music in Orchestral Instruments or Compostition
Graduating Year: 2009
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: ooo, hard one. I don't really eat them, but strawberry or the blue ones.

I'm a violinist. Not a prodigy by any means- I don't go to an arts school, or anything. Juilliard is nothing but a dream for me. A very small beacon of hope. I've been playing 8 1/2 years, and didn't have lessons for 1 1/2 years due to money problems. I have a chance to study with one of the best teachers in Missouri, which I'm looking into right now. I switch back and fourth between 2nd and 1st chair in my high school's freshman orchestra, and I am 2nd principal violin in Springfield Junior Youth Symphony. But I have 3 1/2 years, a good work ethic, lots of unused talent, nothing to lose, and boatloads of hope.
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12:46am 02/01/2006
  Here's a question for you all.

What is everyone doing for financial aid? I can't for the life of me come up with very many good scholarships!

~C. F.
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08:28pm 19/12/2005
  Name: Carlos McMillan Fuentes
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
Prospective Major: Composition
Graduating Year: 2006
Location: Durham, NC
Favourite Flavour of Jellybean: Ooh! Those strawberry daiquiri ones are AWESOME...

So hey, everyone. I'm applying to Juilliard for the 2006 school year. I'm going for composition and was wondering if there's ANYTHING I can do to aid in my acceptance, or what kinds of odds I'm up against.

Some examples of my work:

~Over 70 pieces for piano solo, including three suites
~A symphony in the making, which includes a chorus and vocal soloists
~Two concert works for piano and orchestra
~My magnum opus, my "Concerto da Requiem" in B minor, a cross between a piano concerto and a Requiem Mass -- nowhere near done but likely to be around two hours long

What say you guys? Does anyone have words of wisdom for the nervous, anxiously awaiting high school senior?


~C. F.
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oh my God 
05:52pm 09/12/2005
mood: scared shitless
i can't feel my body.
holy shit.....it's here

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Will I lose my dignity/Will someone care? 
08:35am 09/12/2005
  Well, I really screwed myself this time on the EoE auditions...I was the one before last person out of fifty to go, and started having a panic attack from the anxiety--complete with nausea, shivering, pulling hair, banging hands, mutilating clothing, etc. Then I had to vocalize in front of fifty people...and she was going so fast that I didn't have time to breathe and was almost belting and could get no higher than a high C sharp. I was so embarassed that my panic attack got worse and when our quartet started singing the song I was hyperventilating and breathing almost every measure. As soon as I was done singing I started crying in front of everyone....

This was my first singing audition, ever, unless you count the one to get into our school's advanced chorus. But that one was only in front of two people...fifty is an entirely different story.

I feel blasphemous too, for I sat on the street corner for thirty minutes afterward ripping up music and throwing it into the air....Then I was crying the entire way home so that I couldn't see the road. Once in a while I would close my eyes and pray that I would hit something, anything, and not have to live with this any more. Unfortunately, perhaps, that didn't happen and I went to my dad's office and he took me to the mall. I just HAD to be around strangers--I was not safe alone, but did not want to be with my family asking me "how did you do sweetheart" and then "oh honey i'm so sorry." Sympathy was...and is...the last thing that I want. It was refreshing to be around so many people that I did not know, disappearing in the sea of faces.

Maggie says that the stage fright will get better with each audition I do. I pray so, for otherwise there is no hope for me. My voice lesson teacher said that I was without a doubt good enough for Broadway, and possibly for Juilliard as well. But there is no way that I can do either of those if I don't get over this paralyzing fear.

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It's hopeless 
01:41pm 08/12/2005
  I've been reading you guys' livejournals...and you all seem so talented. Far, far more than myself. It seems hopeless now; I know that I will never, under any circumstances, be accepted. But why do I keep torturing myself so, if I know that it will never happen?

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09:10pm 07/12/2005
  I got a call yesterday from VCA (The Victorian College of the Arts) offering me a place! I said I needed until the end of the week to think about it because I'm still waiting on the call from NIDA. One down, one to go!  
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